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in sickness and in health

Moving and the subsequent unpacking that follows always equals a trip down memeory lane. I've sworn I'm going to organize all my photos (both physical and digital) so I'm diving deep into the boxes marked "sentimental".  

(Look. I know it's never gonna happen, but you can just LET ME DREAM, OKAY?) 

I recently found a folder that holds every single invitation, draft, communication etc from my wedding planning days. 

Please note, I've lost our social security cards and birth certificates. But I've still got these. 😏 

Please note, I've lost our social security cards and birth certificates. But I've still got these. 😏 

I started thinking about that season in our life compared to where we are now. 

When I was planning my wedding, I was frantic over details. I knew we were young but nothing could have stopped me from marrying Matthew Scott Leach (That is still, might I add, the single best decision of my life.) OR putting my bridesmaids in electric hot pink chiffon dresses. Sorry, girls. 

Many people said things like "Oh, enjoy it! This is as good as it gets for marriage." Or "Have fun while you're young and in love- it's all downhill from here." (Note to self: write another blog on things NOT to say whilst congratulating people on major life events...)

So, for me, there was such pressure to create a perfect day. THE DAY. May 28th HAD to be the best day of our lives... 

And, honestly, our wedding day was nothing short of magical. But, the well wishers were wrong. It was far from "as good as it gets". 

What I know now is that our wedding day was more of a pre-party. It was a celebration, not of the couple we were, but of the couple we'd become.  

You couldn't have convinced me in 2004 that there would come a day I would love Matt more. Or that we'd go through seasons of unimaginable heartache and live to tell about it.  

I didn't have the life experience to understand that on a random Thursday in January I'd feel more loved by that man than on the day we exchanged vows. 

I've been sick for a few days now. Not scary sick, just a really bad cold. And Matt has taken such incredible care of me. One day earlier this week, he and Mills brought home (wrapped!) presents for me. "To make you feel better, Mama!" Mills said as he shoved the package in my arms. 

It was a pair of knitted socks with the label "World's most comfortable socks!" 

It was a pair of knitted socks with the label "World's most comfortable socks!" 

I'm pretty sure I cried. Over wool socks. 

Here's what my frantic-detail-obsessed-20-year-old-self hadn't learned yet:

One day, this man will know you so well and love you so deeply that it will make your wedding day look almost trite in retrospect. He will care for you in ways you don't even know to ask for. He will pick up your son from school and take him to Waffle House so you can rest in a quiet house. He will bring home medicine and Kleenex and cookie dough and then serve you warm cookies in bed.

My love language.  

My love language.  

He'll feel your forehead to check your fever and even in your sickly state (unshowered, dirty hair, Guthries shirt from four days ago, chapped nose and raw lips...)he will love you.

Your eyes will meet before he quietly walks to the bathroom to get you more meds and you'll notice that his are full of a kind of love for you that neither of you even knew existed when you were engaged. 

Young love is thrilling and fun and those were some amazing days. But, to anyone planning a wedding or in the first years of marriage- hear me say this- the BEST is yet to come! 

stop telling me i'll have kids "if it's in God's will" for me

the quiet season

the quiet season