I am that kind of mother

A family lost their baby today, because a mother tragically forgot to drop her off at the babysitter’s house.  Instead, as her sweet baby slept in the back seat, the mom kept driving and went to visit her husband at work.  Three hours later, she received a phone call from her babysitter asking why she hadn’t been by with the baby.  Although she immediately rushed to the car, it was too late.

While reading of this news, I was surprised with the onslaught of public criticism and judgment. 

“Who could do that to their child?” “What a terrible human being!!” “What kind of mother would leave her baby in the car?”

Let me be the first to say… I am that kind of mother.  My world was so rocked when our son came home, that I didn’t know up from down.  I dare say I am still working on getting things aright.  It was all I could do to keep him fed, changed, and clothed until help arrived on any given day.  You can forget any type of shower or beauty routine on my part!  So, once he was a bit older and I was expected to, you know, leave my house every now and then, I often felt as if I’d fought the Battle of Mobile Bay just getting the two of us ready and out the door. 

Wake up to screeching baby. Change baby. Feed baby. Rock baby. Put baby down. Start shower. Pick up crying baby. Start coffee. Open yogurt. Gently place baby in swing. Take world’s fastest shower. Step on creaky plank by baby’s nursery. Wake him up. Pick up squawking baby. Bounce. Pour coffee. Look in closet. Hate all clothes. Bounce. Dress baby since he’s already awake. Bounce. Ever so gently lay baby in bassinet. Army crawl away. Start make up. Check e-mail. Remember forgotten to do list. Make baby’s bottles.  Pack his bag for the day. Is the baby seriously awake again? Discover blow out. Change baby. Clean baby. Dress baby (again). Balance baby and make up. Get dressed. Throw away curdled yogurt.  Grab purse, coffee, baby, phone, lock door and head outside. Put baby in car seat. Get in. Start car. Forget diaper bag. Go back in. Get bag. Back out to car. Ready to start the day…

Mamas do not forget their babies in the car on purpose.  This family has experienced a tragedy I imagine could happen with any exhausted mother. They don’t need insults, they need encouragement.  Criticism doesn’t bring their baby back- but community may help them heal.  

The next person who wants to launch a vile comment her way- be sure and pick up two rocks.  You’ll find me at her side.